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I'm heartened by your story. Being grateful with what we have is the way to happiness. You don't have to be rich to be happy.

Most of us are in the middle class group. 80% of us is in this group. Only the top 20% is in the high income group. These are those living in private properties and owning cars. They are the highly successful professionals and business owners.

As long as you have enough for your retirement, you should be ok.

Agree, maintaining inner peace and not affected by external factors is the key to happiness. As long as one can sustain the life with financial stability, it is not how much one possess that matters. Money is important, but there are many other things in life that need balance -harmonious family, friendly neighbours, good friends, contribution to charity and religion practice, remain healthy, etc.

While many people seems to earn good income here, I believe that majority of them have gain wealth through hard work and prudence. Some are just pure fortunate to be in good jobs or trades that generate good wealth. But it is important to teach our children - success and financial wealth does not come easily.
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