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Lightbulb Advice needed regarding field change and starting salary (Bio and Econs) :)

Hi guys.. Need some life and career advice pls.. Hopefully some of you wiser and older ppl willing to share your experience/advice..

I'm currently looking for a F/T job after ORD, will be 23 next year. I have a diploma in biotechnology but had failed to work hard enough (read: low gpa). Besides, imo, life sciences industry is too competitive and paper-dependent to stay in. So after some consideration I decided that I shall join the finance industry and applied for P/T Sim-UOL Bach. in Econs and Finance which will commence class in Aug 2011 if I'm successful (most likely ).

Ok, problem right now:
I'm offered a job by a job agency, job scope covering compliance in a reputable bank and doing background checks on clients regarding money laundering etc. Monthly salary 1.5k b4 CPF, 6mths contract. I find it a tad too low, esp when comparing with a starting pay for a dip-holder lab assistant - 1.8k.

The agent tries to convince me it's pretty good pay for entry level (I guess a portion of it has alr been taken off by the agency) and I will be able to hop onto something more relevant in future while in the company.

1) Do you think I will be able to "hop" to something more relevant in future within the company? (Me: highly doubt it's that easy) Or do you think I should persist in looking for a firmer, more relevant, first stepping stone?

2) Should I just stick to a bio job eg. lab assistant etc (@~1.8k starting) for 3 years until I graduate with a full-fledged econs & finance degree, or should I stick to entry level finance jobs (@~1.5k) and work my way up? Is the climb hard for someone like me with no relevant qualifications yet?

I wouldn't mind climbing for that 1.5k; I just don't want to climb and realise there's a glass ceiling 2 steps up, or taking 3 years just to climb that when with a degree 3 years later the starting pay alr beats all that climbing.

Hope to hear from you guys.. And sorry for the WOT. Thanks!

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