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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
married with two teenager kids, paid up condo and luxury car, no debt
generating passive income 35k last year, cash+cpf $1mil, condo worth $1.5mil
we are both 45
can we retire early?
You can retire now if you sell your condo for $1.5m and buy a $400k HDB flat. You have $1.1mil in net cash for you to invest to generate additional passive income. If you get say 5% dividend yield, your additional dividends will be $55k pa. Your total passive income will be $90k pa. If you manage your finances well, this amount is enough. There are many families surviving with less than $90k pa.

You can also sell your luxury car and buy a cheaper car which is less costly to maintain. For instance, you can sell your luxury car for $200k and then buy a new cheap car for $100k. You can use your $100k balance for paying road tax, fuel, insurance, etc for the next 10 years.

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