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Default is my civil service pay progression fast/slow/normal?

Really need some help from the more experienced people here as I'm considering a new job offer.

First the facts. I'm 34 now, 2nd upper honors degree grad working at a stat board for the last 5 years, MX12 all the way with no promotion in sight, and am getting $4662 now. Doing a masters degree, expecting completion next year.

My history:

Job 1 (2003- Jan 2006):
A ministry
Starting pay MX13 $3000
Leaving pay MX12 $3312

Job 2 (Feb 2006 - Sep 2006):
A research institute
Starting pay $3600
Leaving pay $3600

Current Job 3 (Sep 2006 - now):
A stat board
Starting pay MX12 $3300
Current pay MX12 $4662

Is this progression normal? I am aware my increments in the current job seem high, but at the same time discussion with friends of my age group and qualifications seem to show that many of them are getting higher.

Now I've just got a new job offer with a pay of $4100, and the annual package is lower too. HR people of course tell me, 'there're lots of things to learn and the skills will benefit your portfolio'., but of course the same could be said of any job. I'm wondering if I should take it, or will it be a step backwards that I cannot recover from? Do all new jobs peg the pay offered to your last drawn pay? In that case would it be possible to keep drawing lower and lower pay with every job you change?

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