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hi guys,

I just received a contract job offer for a role in trade surveillance and was wondering if I should accept the offer. From the interview, i understand that it is primarily to look at trade pattern and identify suspicious behavior. The scope also includes working with front office to understand the trade executed as well as work with regulator query and stuffs like that. I just graduated from local uni and job is relatively scarce for fresh grad at this point of time so i am wondering if i should accept the offer and stay employed at the moment or should i wait for the outcome of other completed interview (audit role and both foreign and local bank ops role)?

I am hoping to find out more bout the role, learning and any progression for the role from experienced peers in the financial industry. thanks in advance!
If this is one of the bigger banks, I would recommend for you to accept the offer, and do well in the job, while looking internally, for a permanent positions. Most bigger banks are very receptive towards converting contract staff to permanent staff and there are plenty of opportunities for conversion, even for a fresh graduate.

You should be open to your boss, highlight that you are earnest to learn but express that you are concerned about job security. After you have joined the bank (don't ask now, ask after you have joined), try to understand the possibility of being converted to a permanent staff (is there no headcount approved or the boss is in the progress of obtaining headcount approval?). If there is very low possibility of being converted, let him/her know that you are keen to explore internal permanent positions, after a year. Most hiring managers knows that most contract staff are looking for an internal permanent positions, so he/she won't be shocked by your request. Nobody expects a contract staff to stay contract for a long period of time.

If you are in a big bank, it is easier to apply internally for an internal audit role after a few years. It is possibly better than joining one of the big 4, because you cannot decide where you are auditing. You can be assigned to audit banks but you can also be assigned to audit factories, in Jurong.

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