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hi everyone, i am a fresh grad and recently I went for an interview for a contract role as a credit documentation analyst role at a bank. Problem is when the offer came to me, the title was different (doc review specialist) and the job description was also far short of what I was shown before. It was supposed to be a job that entails numerous responsibilities ie review credit proposal but now it is just making phone calls to customers on credit card applications. I mean doing less is great but I feel this would leave a bad impression on me at my next job since there is nothing much for me to learn here. I feel I have been tricked to carry out work that anyone without a degree can do. I have not yet signed the offer. What do you all think?
Times are bad and if you don't want another 50 people will take up. Important thing is what other offers do you have now to compare?

As for different title/work, I don't think it matters that much. Banking contract ops are more or less follow process SOP work, I doubt calling yourself a documentation analyst vs review specialist will really increase your future market value.
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