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I agree. Go with the stat board. Ever if they cut your job title, they will often retrain you for other roles. It is also easier to transfer to civil service or other stat board if you perform well. If you are a constant "B" and "C+" grader, your job security is almost unshakeable. You can work till 65 years old if you wish to without fear of being fired.
Yah! The government practice what they preach. They often choose to retrain and redeploy than fire you. In rare cases where they have to let you go, they often highlight multiple openings in other agencies. I speak from experience and observations. Job security really lets you sleep soundly at night. Economy good or bad, it is business as usual for you. As you watch your classmates get fired when the economy go south, you will know you didn't make the wrong choice. As long as you are a good worker and don't have any integrity incidents, your job is safe.

Go with the Stat board.
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