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Originally Posted by alvin688f View Post
I am a fresh graduate (3rd Class) from local university with a Degree in Computer Science and will like to have some suggestions on the preferred job to embark on.

I will like to ask around to see which one will fit my goals below:

1) Pay increment
2) Knowledge gain for the first 2 years

Here are two job offers which I currently have on hand:

Offer 1: Level 2 Security Engineer from ST (Telco)
Offer 2: Network/System Engineer from a Stat Board

Benefits and Pay Package are rather similar for both.
Both are dying trades in the local IT industry. If these are the only 2 offers, better go with the stat board for job security.

Both are typical few % normal increment every year except promotion, knowledge wise maybe ST slightly better, but not much difference in terms of long term career.

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