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Originally Posted by 2centsworth View Post
i think u missed out one most important part out from ur above post..

what was the percentage% increase u were asking for ur basic salary excluding bonus? it doesnt seem to be 15%-20%..

nobody has got the VP range of the said bank correct.. VP salaries differ widely in all banks (even VP it self has multiple bands of VP)..

so ur question shouldnt be how much should a VP earn, it should be how much percentage increase can they afford..

set a percentage that is within ur range..
Percentage increase over basic excluding bonus wouldn't be very reasonable because the bonus structure is quite different.

if purely looking at basic, 17% increase will only make even with my current annual package. To get 15%-20% increase on actual annual pay, basic will have to be increased 35%-58%, which would look quite daunting on first glance.
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