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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Step 1 - Bored at work so come into and look at salary thread.

Step 2 - Read posts. If salary stated is lower than own salary, feel smug and find something else to do. If salary of posters is higher than own salary, take offence and go to step 3.

Step 3 - EITHER:

a. criticise the post which offended you and claim that the poster is lying. Depending on amount of free time, engage in flame war


b. create own ******** post with an outrageously high fantasy salary to piss other people off.

Step 4 - 'Rebel' by posting outrageously low salary to make political statement about the plight of the poor in Singapore.
Very accurate description, especially "Step 3b"!

"Step 3b" is a very weird psychological phenomenon.

Similar examples are someone telling you that your garden here in Singapore is smaller than their cousin's horse shed in Australia, when that someone himself is staying in an HDB flat, or someone perpetually concerned about the lack of Nobel Prize winners from our top schools, when that someone didn't even go to a top school.

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