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Originally Posted by bobo View Post
Frankly, I find your story quite fantastic.

1. You only graduated in 2008 and furthermore it's a part-time degree, which means you have 3yrs of graduate experience. And yet, you somehow managed to draw 6k a month just on 3yrs of experience??!! In IT somemore.

2. And even without a degree, you were paid 4.2k in 2006, with only 2 yrs of experience. I find this impossible to believe. I don't believe there is any company out there that is paying their junior staff 4k per month (which is what you are if you don't have a degree).

The junior staff in my company get paid 3.2k max of the max, and they have been working for the company for donkey years. And reality check, even if they do complete their part-time degree, it is rare for them to be promoted to an Executive level. In the 6 yrs in my present company, I only managed to successfully recommend one such person for promotion.

3. Furthermore, you are working in IT, which is where all the foreign talent go. The pay is quite miserable.

4. When you convert from a contract to full-time staff, there really isn't any need to give you extra money.

5. Your story would be more believable if you told me you stayed with the same company. Maybe your boss is super dumb and the system in that company is super flawed. But you change so many companies. How can so many companies and bosses be so out of the market?

I have to ask, what's the point of your fantastic story?
Just because you don't believe it doesn't make it a fantastic story. Why is it that just because someone's career doesn't fit the conventional mould, he must be a liar?

Actually, the ignorance of the people on this forum is staggering. I should correct at least one misconception rampant on this forum. People who work in statutory boards are NOT civil servants. They are generally public servants, and even then, not all of them are. Perhaps a more appropriate title for this thread should have been "Public Service Pay".

But I digress. Hard as it is to believe, there are public servants whose starting salaries are around $4k, and who can double that amount in three years. The increments in certain ministries and departments can be up to $1.5k. And just because you don't know a single public servant like that doesn't mean it ain't true. You are just ignorant.
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