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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
ditch it. any firm that makes you work from Mon to Saturday is not worth your salt, and frankly, is full of ****.

you're a lawyer, not a call centre operator or a sweatshop worker in china

as a professional services firm, it is disgraceful for the firm to be stipulating that its employees work Saturdays.

sure, as a lawyer, hours are long. we get it. if that means staying until 3 am everyday for one month so that a deal is closed or a case goes to trial, so be it. you work for as long as required until the job is done.

but that does not mean they can extend official working hours until Sat.

we're members of a profession, not hourly wage workers

(No offence to hourly wage workers at all - my gripe is with exploitative firms like these who treat their associates like one).
Come on, you join a law firm as a freshie doing long OT is expected. Want a 8-5 job go join the civil service.

Also Singapore is suffering from massive oversupply of law grads, those without experience are now begging for proper lawyer jobs. Many are taking up paralegal and contract drafter type of jobs, that is what I call 'exploitative'.
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