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Well, first I don’t see much of the discussion on Singapore consulting here. So I thought it’s not very public here in Singapore.

My understanding is McKinsey first opened their SEA office in Indonesia and later spread to other regions. Considering the heavy workload nature of the region, Singapore doesn’t seem to have much of the management consulting to do (highly educated, highly efficient working policy in place, etc etc, I’m not talking about auditing.) whereas you can have so many management policy in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Philippines. They still have so many rooms to grow like business expansion, start up companies, M&A etc etc etc.

Bottom line is Singapore is a developed country, and almost saturated with all the working policy in place. All others are still developing. So management consulting would be more beneficial to them rather than in Singapore. I’m not taking a swipe at other regions. I’m being realistic about what’s going on in the region. Based on that perception (correct me if I’m wrong.)

1. I venture to guess if there would be more recruitment of consultants in those countries in near future, Thailand, Malaysia or maybe in Vietnam (I saw one flyer consulting recruitment for Vietnamese office at my school campus.) phasing out Singapore office (reduction) and gradually going upwards ?

2. Since you all are ex MBB consultants in Singapore, can you share your travelling schedule? It depends on your project or which region you travel the most?

3. You said 80% of the US pay scale (I don’t know who is who, all are unregistered here). For e.g., It is USD 100k in the US, so it would be USD 80k in Singapore. Converting to SGD, it would be ~ SGD100k?

4. Since you all are ex-consultants, would you mind sharing why you decided to switch to other professions?

If any of you could shed some lights on your experience and where you are heading now, that would be really appreciated.
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