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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Scenario for a typical Large MNC in Singapore, in the Finance Division.
Total = 50 Pax
Role = Number of Personnel (Full-Year All-in-Package, i.e. including bonus & AWS)
Regional CFO = 1 (600k - 1.5m)
Finance Vice-President = 2 (300k - 600k)
Finance Directors = 4 (180k - 300K)
Finance Managers = 8 (85k - 180k)
Finance Analysts = 35 (45k - 85k)

Am I right on the above? This is my rough estimation, based on my observation
Yes you're right though there are probably more VPs, Directors and Managers.

Plus, there is also Finance AMs which probably earn between 75k - 100k++.

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