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Originally Posted by terminator View Post
Well, that is interesting piece of advice and encouraging too. Yes, I don't want to cling my thoughts on these and end up losing focus on real thing. That is why I need a clear perspective on this based on experience of other people.

You say junior staff can request advance payment? I thought it was other way round- can ask junior staff to do anyhow?

Yes I also find the per diem model seems nice. So did they give you per diem allowance upfront ?

I really hope they already have a generous/reasonable travel policy in handbook. And hope it's advance allowance, and whatever is leftover based on receipts, they take from me. Hope that they don't make a fishy/customized policy.

So may I ask you if you happened to travel overseas on public holiday(in Singapore)/weekend, then did you claim timeoff for that? And how about the medical insurance during overseas travel?

Just ask HR lah, how you expect ppl here to answer things like time off, public holiday, insurance. Just because you are new doesn't mean no common sense right.

Stop asking random stuff here. PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL YOUR HR!!!

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