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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
ex hsbc staff here.

band 8 - officer
band 7 - assistant manager
band 6 - avp
band 5 - vp
band 4 - svp
band 3 - ED
band 2 - MD
band 1 - CEO/CFO etc

hsbc ranks are inflated compared to the industry average. a band 7 is really just a analyst elsewhere. band 6 are considered as associates, some places even deem them only senior analysts.

word to the wise, for band 7 & 8, your pay package is spread across 13 months, not 12. This comes in the form of a guaranteed AWS. so your monthly paycheque will appear lesser, but the guaranteed AWS pays out in December, or pro-rated if you leave before that.
I can confirm HSBC band/rank is definitely more inflated. I am currently an AVP in DBS and was recently approached by HSBC for a SVP role. At first I thought they was an error and double check with their recruiter, but they confirm back that my experience and current pay match what they are looking for.
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