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Wah, writing at 1am, can't sleep ah? Anxious about your chances?

While it is good to look at potential career progression and pay, sometimes it is good to ask yourself why there is vacancy for a particular position. Is it because the company is expanding and needs more staff? Or is it because there is high turn over in that position? Be it because of work nature, unreasonable boss, or simply boring job.

My take is, don't focus too much on the "potential" career progression, think about the present, whether you will like the job, boss, "customers" etc..

For all you know, after 1 year or less, you will ask to leave.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can someone share the progression ladder for Procument in DSTA.

Does it follow, in sequence of:
1. Procurement executive/specialist
2. Procurement lead
3. Procurement manager

How many years of experience before each jump and the corresponding salary?
What goes after 3?
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