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If you're set on working there all the best to you. But it's wrong to say the uk Uni being removed has anything to do with all the public law teaching - because (a) they actually increased the number of Uni previously and (b) very few of those Lawyers in Singapore doing public law work - you can Guess who - graduated from UK. Vast majority of those studying in UK are upper middle class and unlikely to start subversive activities in Singapore. Pls don't mistake all the so called critical questioning in the dialogues - that's just called being young, idealistic and immature. Wait a few years when the students all have jobs, realise how tough life can be, and see whether they still say the same things. The real reason is about quality and quantity.

Also even with the oversupply it's still easier to get a job in sg compared to solicitor contact in UK - just look at the numbers. And most people can't even dream of barrister seat.

So I'm glad u r so happy with Dicey and co., but not relevant to the schedule.
hi yes. im definitely set on working in the UK upon graduation. Many people have done it. A growing number have vanished without trace from SG. They're just happy to be living the life in a democratic country.

No lawyer apart from the very small few have the guts to actually do public law work in SG. They don't have the necessary knowledge in the UK sense. Come on. Don't tell me you don't know this.

there is a growing number of students who do not have N, O or A levels yet still became a lawyer. they did a foundation course which allowed them to gain entry into the uni for the LLB. many of them have settled in UK. Some of them are in the midst of bringing the parents and siblings over. I know cos I speak to them.

critical thinking is non-existent in SG. the education system is controlled. which is why if you went to RI today, camped outside the school and ask the students leaving for home, what is the meaning of their understanding of democracy, they would look at you in an odd way.

the problem i think in SG is that many of the fresh law grads are aiming for the top 4, top 8 or top 12 firms. if they went to a smalled sized firm they would learn a lot. cos more attention would be given to them.

I'm not really into dicey. More of a Lord Bingham, Richard Jago and Sir Ivor Jennings kinda guy

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