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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
erm any good student in nus/smu would have considered the uk position and read lots of academic commentaries criticising the singapore system. in fact, stuff like adminstrative law is still pretty much UK-based, and many of the profs actually don't really like the local system that much (to the extent that the ex-CJ publicly accused academics of being "biased" against the system in a famous lecture). don't think there's any reason for the govt to be "scared" of more uk students.

the right to work in the UK is probably the biggest advantage of a UK education; practice in the UK is still probably more exciting than practice in sg.
you stated 'would' have. that's say a lot!

Most SG law students in local unis have no interest to read around the subject let alone read 'lots of academic commentaries criticising the SG system'. All they want to do is get their hands on suggested answers so that they can replicate and regurgitate it in the exams. many of them want to go into finance after they graduate. they couldn't care less about representing ordinary citizens for free especially in areas of civil liberties and so on.

you clearly haven't attended the SG-UK law student conferences. if you did you would know that they are indeed so afraid of SG students studying law in the UK. these students tore into the ministers during Q&A. a pity they disallow recording of the yearly event including the Q&A segment.

It always cracks me up seeing the minister trying to put together an answer to a killer question. best part? when they look at you with their mouth wide open and after they've recovered from their shock, they tell you 'i'll find out the answer to your question and will get back to you'. but they will never get back to u.

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