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Originally Posted by Pippa View Post
Another thing is if you compare the british and aussie law syllabus you will see that the aussie syllabus is very dry. the british law syllabus is very dangerous cos it touches on many things that will make the average singaporean go WOW.

Constitutional and administrative law, English legal system, Public law etc offered by UK unis in one sense is very dangerous because if SG students graduate from those unis and start creating awareness in Singapore when they return that's not gonna be good news.

When i was doing those subjects I would often compare with the Singapore situation and ask my hell wow what the hell is going on in Singapore. Why hasn't anyone opened their mouth to say something?

Having compared the different countries curriculum, i'm gonna be brave and say this. The aussie, NZ, canada and local uni law syllabus doesn't hold a candle to the UK law syllabus insofar as the subjects i've mentioned above are concerned.

if you want a solid education, choose a UK uni. the syllabus is an eye opener and when you graduate you get to work in UK. You might even become a UK citizen in the future
erm any good student in nus/smu would have considered the uk position and read lots of academic commentaries criticising the singapore system. in fact, stuff like adminstrative law is still pretty much UK-based, and many of the profs actually don't really like the local system that much (to the extent that the ex-CJ publicly accused academics of being "biased" against the system in a famous lecture). don't think there's any reason for the govt to be "scared" of more uk students.

the right to work in the UK is probably the biggest advantage of a UK education; practice in the UK is still probably more exciting than practice in sg.

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