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I was in your position around 7 years ago. Applied to NTU and they offered me all the stuffs i applied for inclusing the scholarship. Back then, our dear Government haven't tinkered with the supply of law graduates. No news of lawyers glut and it was only during my NS times that the Government suddenly said they want to expand law school intakes. So, i picked law.

I didn't regret the decision because i was truly attracted to the rigour of the study and way to break down complex issues as i read more cases and books. But it wasn't one of the best decision i made because now i am caught in a tough job prospect. Felt really cheated because back in 2009 there was an undersupply, local law faculties were really tough to get in. Gov and eager parents all itchy hands and pushed for great supply in 2011. The result is a surge starting 2015 graduates. And then they only reported the news and realised the severity in late 2014. Too late. Law graduates will continue to be in excess until 2019.
At the risk of sounding like a taxi uncle or one of those (sometimes insightful) uncles discussing politics at coffeeshops, i think this is squarely the government's fault. They were benchmarking our lawyer-to-population ratio to countries such as UK and US, where there has been a glut of lawyers for decades. The reality is that, unlike these countries, we don't have the numbers or spare population to have our brightest study law only to not get a job (read: not contributing to economy and/or the legal profession). Any gain in terms of lowering of legal fees etc is certainly not worth this brain drain/wastage.

Another instance of poor planning, in my humble view, is the removal of some UK universities from the list of scheduled universities last year, only to add more Australian universities to the list pursuant to some trade treaty obligations recently. It's really moving three steps forward then two (or more) steps back.

Really hope Minlaw puts more thought into policies in this area.. in the meantime, i can only wish law students the best of luck!
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