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So you don't regret what turned out not to be one of the best decisions you made. Would you rather learn something interest but be stuck in this situation or learn something not as interesting but be in demand by the job market?
It's about getting the right balance. Having said that i will give slightly more weight to interest in the area of study over demands by the job market. Why? Because i value the opportunity to get educated in something i am interested in as much as a job opportunity. But let's be pragmatic: interest is just one part of the puzzle. I am interested in cooking and baking, that doesn't make a great cook and doesn't remotely guarantee that i will succeed as a chef or baker. If i did really badly in first few years in law school i will immediately review my choice.

Being interested in the study also doesn't mean interest in the practice. With the legal market so unattractive now, i admit i am contemplating a career switch ( wait i don't think i even established a legal career) ... so that's another point for prospective students and students of law to ponder.
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