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Latest report said 5000 Singapore families living in Johor. This is encouraging for those who wants to retire early at 55 (not so early actually). Besides JB, we can also retire in Penang.

We can all retire in luxury at 55 if we have no dependents at 55 and our HDB flat is paid up. Here's how.

Retire in Penang. Penang is a good place to retire. Many expats all over the world are flocking to Penang to retire. Penang has a lot of interesting places to visit and explore. Penang is a multi cultural place and we can fit in well. People are very friendly.

Penang has a low cost of living for a retired couple.

- Rental for a 3 bedroom condo, facing the ocean RM1500 pm
- Food and utilities RM1000 pm
- Transport RM300 pm (assume purchasing a RM50k car in cash)
- Medical RM200 pm
- Entertainment RM500 pm
- Misc RM500 pm
- Total spending RM4000 pm

How do you finance your retirement expenses in Penang?

- Rent out your paid up HDB flat S$2500 pm
- Convert to RM, get RM7450 pm
- Savings RM3450 pm (can spend a portion of this on holidays)

So, if you have an open mind, you can enjoy a luxurious retirement in Penang. You can live in a condo with an ocean view and own a car. Enjoy your retirement life!

No need to work so hard until you reach 70 years old to accumulate millions and only to die at 71. You don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery.

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