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To add on (i am the unregistered above), i worked in DB for 3 years, MSIG for 3 years and currently in ICBC for 2.5 years already....i know what i am talking about in terms of the banking industry and how well they paid.......

so sometimes, i see ppl posting blatant lies and misinformation and it pissed me off.

Just because you are hired in an international investment bank in the front/middle/back office/trading floor, doesnt mean you get at least 10K+ and 6 months bonus.....

DB used to have near 500 headcounts back when i was working there (2006-2009), do you really think everyone get 7-8K? Heck, majority of them don't even get 5K monthly.

And many of the 'Assistant Vice President' are just glorified titles.....6-7k max......bonuses in the banking industry is heavily dependent on global macroeconomics than your personal performance. You can be employee of the year but if the bank is not performing, your bonus will still be **** (unless you are C level execs in which your bonuses are fixed to a certain rate based on your contract).
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