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It is not so important what you have now. It is more important to know where you are going from here especially since you are only 32.

Career wise, do you see yourself earning more, saving more as time goes by? For eg, I could be broke at 35, but if I could pick myself up with a good job and career prospect, I could be a multi-millionaire by 45. Likewise, I could be a multimillionaire now, but lose it all in 10 years time through extravagance and mismanagement of my money.

Thats why people talk about wealth accumulation when they are young and wealth preservation when they are older.

At 32, I would be concern about how to quickly build up my wealth. So looking at your current situation, are you seeing good career progression with regular pay increases or is it a dead end job ?

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As above.

Assuming he still single and got no other commitments.

Still staying with parents. No loans.

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