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I am finishing my Ph.D. in Computer engineering from Nanyang Technological University and need to get my feet in the door. I am interested in areas of interest rate derivative, options pricing, valuation models, stochastic finance etc. along with coding.

I am particularly interested in Asian banks, or banks with a large presence in my preferred locations (Singapore and Hong Kong). Although I am a fresher, I hope to learn and progress fast enough.

My top choice is DBS, which I know has some quants in investment banking division, but I am not sure about the application process. I shot an email to their HR, but they sent a canned reply pointing me to the management/graduate associate programs, without making clear whether they are really the ones for quant positions. From some career talks at my university, I figured those programs are more for front-end, customer-facing positions, targeting general undergrads.

So some lead to any specific position (DBS or elsewhere, but preferably Singapore) or guidance in the application process will be really helpful. Cheers!
Those who are interested in banking quant jobs already got all the relevant internships and settle on their networks & sponsors earlier on. I think you are a bit late to almost finish PhD then start asking for application process.

How come never do the necessary homework during your school days?

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