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Hi Long,

Are you a financial advisor or property agent? Could you share more on how you make so much by being a self-employed person?

Originally Posted by Long View Post
My girlfriend 24 this year, and myself 27 this year.

Myself: $220k pa (self employed)
GF: $120k pa (sales)

Myself: $250k portfolio, $100k cash, $30k CPF, $30k 2nd hand car
Her: ~$100k in cash, FD and UT

We are high income earners for our age but do not enjoy our lives one bit as it involves stress and working 6-7 days per week. I'm saving close to 80% of my income as I lead a rather simple life. We rarely splurge and save the majority of our income as we don't see ourselves spending the rest of our lives in this hectic manner.

My question is, what are the other tools available to us apart from your traditional stock and property investment, that will allow us to grow our wealth and income further down the road? We are mindful that the good times may not last (especially for her as she gets older and settles down).

We tried to BTO 1.5 years ago when our incomes were lower but failed and now have to settle for a private property.
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