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80% of the population live in public housing. Clearly you are better off. Be grateful and do charity work to help the poor and needy. Stop wasting time comparing with others. The comparisons will never end. There will always be someone richer than you.

Do you think the richer you are, the happier you will be? If you think so, then you are a stupid fool. Happiness does not lie in your material wealth. It has never been and will never be.

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Husband and wife, both in our late forties, annual income $75k and $70k respectively. We spend $110k pa and save $35k pa. Our condo is worth $950k and our mortgage is left with only $150k. Our loan to value (LTV) ratio is only 0.16. Some people say we are underleveraged but we are happy with this leverage ratio. In fact, we have enough cash to settle our loan but choose to pay monthly using our CPF. We were lucky that we bought our condo at a good price a few years ago. Our car has no loan. Our cash and CPF is $1 mil in total. Our total net worth is $1.8 mil. Any comments how are we doing financially?
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