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jesus. i thought it would be hard to find james cook uni singapore grads working for the government, just as many posters here implied, oh only nus la, think about how many fch they can hire from ntu nus, oh think about the ivy league you are competing with, oh come on, jcu paper is like your toilet paper, oh the civil service has standards.

went on linkedin, searched for alumnis, and it seems like 50% of them work for the government. i am shocked myself.

which basically tells us that 80% of posters and posts here are utter bs.

a true eureka moment hah.
Dude, there are many different kinds of degrees offered by JCU. Difference in level (bachelor, masters, phd), difference in discipline/faculty, difference in duration (full 3-4 year course vs 1 year crash course), difference in campus (aussie vs sg branch). Also have to take into account difference in relevant work experience, prior education (many have proper diploma or advanced diploma before that), industry connections etc. You can't just do a search on "jcu" and assume you will be the same as them just because you take a crash course.

To use the ntu assistant director above as example, she has many follow up and related advanced education in the areas of learning & development, many years of relevant work experience, well-established reputation in the academic field and studied a full aussie based jcu masters program on education management.

This is completely different from your case of no relevant work experience at all except teaching english in malaysia, no relevant certification (not even a proper accredited diploma) except for an online degree, no professional network in sg at all and a crash course in jcu generic bachelors. As things stand now, a mid career dipoma/nitec with a sim/kaplan/mdis/psb degree is in a better position than you.
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