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also to comment on no. 2 since i work in NTU, although I cannot access the link as well, but i am very sure he is talking about mellissa. fyi this is her profile at ntu ://

besides the obvious high level education listed above, melissa got a masters from jcu many years ago iirc. i think she will be super piss off if somebody is implying that she got to where she is now by getting a 1 year bachelor from jcu. this clown most likely just do a quick search on linkin and never even bother to find out the history of the individuals he quoted.
Spot on. Mellissa has a very strong background then the original poster. Besides that, she got herself accreditated with a professional status that was recongised by uni of cambridge. I think we shouldnt waste much time discussing further as we should let the poster go take a jcu and see himself. No point proving this and that for him as i read all his post i do find something quite funny. one point he said the PHD is at HK from top 50 uni. another post he says that it is at some southern china and is top 100 uni. See the point here. he most probably is just bullshitting about everything trying to prove something.

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