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Having just graduated, i am like a lost sheep not sure what i want to do for a career. I have a business degree and also a diploma in business IT. Business analyst is on area which i can try out but i have many doubts. As i believe BA role are mainly held by FT and I'm not sure will this role be outsourced eventually. I am also not sure what are the prospects and future of a BA.

Can anybody shed a piece of advice, please?
join DBS loh. jus had a chat with DBS head of analytics not too long ago. they are against offshoring their analytics team bcos they believe that the team needs to be near where the business is in order to understand the business. But as with the entire BA industry, they are having alot of problem hiring ppl with exp, and it is not easy to hire foreigners nowadays. So, there are some risk that the cost of keeping the analytics team here may outweight the benefit of doing so eventually.

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