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I would expect the majority to earn under 100k. Especially for junior RMs. It's like insurance agent. You don't have to be very qualified to do the job. From time to time, there will be those who do decently... but the majority can't cut it.
Likely around there. I was from one of the major insurance before and pay levels are much lower on average than people expect. If you look at the requirement of business generated needed to be a "million dollar club" elite, you only need to earn commission of ~80k minimum to get in.

This 80k is gross commission some more, if you deduct away usual business and marketing expense you have to pay on your own, the net pay is like ~70k and you can be a so call million dollar club financial consultant already. I don't think the banks are any different since a lot of people move b/w banking RM and insurance FC.
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