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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Typical teacher. Can't answer questions so he runs away. Why should fresh grad salaries be lower than teaching? Are other jobs not as important?

No, I did end up in university on my own efforts alone. I re-took my A-levels in NS in order to get into local university. With no help from MOE teachers at all, so there. My NS officers probably played a larger role in helping me get into local uni than all my MOE teachers combined.
Your arguments are incoherent and I do not want to waste time breaking down your nonsensical responses for you though it is fairly simple.

Furthermore, I do not see the point divulging salary information to help you in an online forum when you have proven yourself to be an ingrate to the system, and I am fairly certain I do not want you to be part of the fraternity.

Why don't you ask MOE HR for more direct and reliable source of information if you apply to MOE to be a teacher and they actually accept you for an interview? Don't tell me you will not apply unless you perceive the salary to be good enough for you?

Are you willing to be a primary school teacher based on your qualifications? What kind of subjects can you teach proficiently and at what level?

Do you know that HR is more selective nowadays due to excess manpower? Do you think the government owes you a living based on your entitlement attitude?

Do you think you only teach when you become a teacher?
Btw, teachers also have to provide Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), which you will probably fail to make the cut once your mentors observe you in class.

Go and think and find answers for yourself since I do not spoon feed my students, especially those who have not worked for them.

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