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i have been going for job interview recently and some company benefits is not bad. so i have been thinking to myself that should purse a degree or should i just start work now? Definitely pursing a degree will be better as there will be higher pay and better progression but what if i dont do well and also nowadays company also look in to experience as well.So i am thinking should i give up on pursing a degree and start working since the pay and perks are not bad. I've tried asking if i am able to purse a part time degree but they are a 24/7 standby company so pursing a part time would be hard or almost impossible as you may get called anytime for work.And also i dont really know what to study as well. I had gotten advice that i can do business cause i have a diploma engineering cert, next time i can go in too engineering as well but if i go in to a engineering degree going into business would be hard as i know nuts bout it and also my English suck as i only get D7 for 'O' level which i might not even been able to get in to private uni like SIM. Tho i have heard many advice from my friends saying that a degree cert will definitely help in the future but the problem is i dont know which area should i go or business?

Thanks for the many advice too, it really help increase my knowledge of the society
SIM is not as difficult as you think. I've seen many China people there and they hardly speak properly english. If end of the day you would like to go business and if D7 really couldnt give you a place in SIM, then i recommend you go retake your O level english. That's what my friend did. I'm in a technology and engineering firm, what i observe is my management do have a dip in eng and then probably a business degree but now, they hardly cope. reason being technology changes so much that their dip became useless. Business skills you can get on a part time courses sponsered by company or maybe at WDA, it is like mutliple short courses. Whereas if you go in engineering, you will realise it is different from your dip lessons, it is even more indepth. business i would say poly and uni modules wont make much differences. i can see you believe in business more since that's what you friend saying, but im in the work force gg 7 years, and looking forward to the trend, im lucky i took an engineering degree above all. if you want to go into business then go be accountant. years down the road, alot of the processes will be slowly replaced by automation, robots, software etc. but if the company want to look into money related virutally, they still will prefer humans to verify. then look at that time, engineering like software engineering will be a big role in all company. software engineers doesnt need you to be very good in english but must be good in thinking.

PTE looks good in the surface, but increment really sucks unless you go MNC

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