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Thanks! So is it true that after 7 - 8 years, one can expect to be senior lecturer and a pay of $9-12k?

If so, then annual income can $150k - $180k.

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ITE lecturer here. First of all: yes, we are teachers with a fancy job title. But we are way above MOE teachers as we prepare the students to be ready for the industry, which in turn will help them to earn a living. Coming to teach in ITE is a calling and you must be patient with the students. Having said that, the salary is not too shabby and the welfare/work-life balance cannot be found elsewhere.

For those in the lowest salary scale (for diploma holders with at least 3 years of full time working experience), salary ranges between 2700 to 2900. I fall under this category as my degree is from a private university, so I was employed based on my diploma. The cap for those in this scale is around 4300. But diploma holders with degrees from private unis can be emplaced to the degree holder salary scale. ITE does not hire fresh graduates (with diplomas and degrees), with the exception of the PE and Lifeskill department.

Degree holders with industry experience (at least 3 years full time), ITE will normally match or pay more than your current salary. Based on that, they will then place you in the appropriate salary scale.

There are 4 bonuses: mid year, end of year, 13th month (calendar year) and performance (financial year). No point competing with your colleagues for the performance bonus as the grades are given on a take-turn basis since everyone is doing the same job.
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