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My two cents worth here as a partner looking at law graduates to be retained.

While there is no discrimination against SMU students, I noticed that a number of SMU students lack basic legal knowledge whether due to the way the modules are taught or otherwise.

In addition, they are more outspoken which is a good trait except when they argue over legal points without any legal basis.
Not only in law. I worked a short stint with a certain large(5000 employees) organisation recently. I found out that the HR basically had a blanket ban on SMU grad for new hires. They felt that SMU grads really just couldn't fit in as an efficient employee. They are very outspoken, which is a good trait depending on which industry you are in. But they tend to question protocol and directives and it hinders workflow rather than speeds things up. Especially when they are challenging it without having any experience and without any basis.
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