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Oh man you guys are going to get a reality check when you graduate from school. Not all local grads go to MAP or top jobs. It is still reserved for the best of the best. Most local grads still end up in average jobs.

And I really don't see how this is 'cool'. The only reason big 4 does this is because its turnover is so high they have to replace staff constantly. You can come show off when MBB or IB come do this at your school

Yeah i dont see how it is cool. So the 3 local unis are target schools for big 4. Big whoop. Not even real finance. Its not like they are the london schools (imperial, lse, ucl) that are target schools for the global banks and IB shops. In the US biz schools, the top tier firms also do on campus recruiting. The difference is that they are Goldman sachs and Lazard, not pwc.

Lastly, u overestimate the no of local uni biz students going to good MA or grad programmes. Id say about 20-30%? Majority also go to middling stat boards or GLCs.

Btw im not in finance, so this is an objective outsiders perspective.
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