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I am not sure how to read the situation this time around. Last time (08/09) the world economy was in a tail spin. Almost every economy was contracting badly then. There was many retrenchment too. Now, the US economy is growing, that's why they raised the interest rate. Question is will the US economy be able to pull up the rest of the world or at least Singapore economy?

If the improving US economy leads to increased demands for our exports and thus economic growth for us, then property and COE prices may not go down as much.

What I do know is that there will be inflation. Already the 2 new private bus companies are agressively hiring bus drivers and others causing SMRT and SBS to offer better incentives to recruit and keep their drivers. Higher fares will be coming soon. And with higher fares, the cost of other goods and services would also go up.

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Yes agree with your assessments.

For my I am sitting on cold hard cash.

Ready to scoop up one or two private properties when prices plunge back to 2009 crisis levels.

Maybe can consider to pick up my 2ND new car when COE drop <$5k
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