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Uncle MK
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Default Understanding is key

Originally Posted by Unregistered_101 View Post
Hi Uncle MK

Thanks, if that's rattling then by god do we need more of that on this forum

I've always been intrigued by stock market investment as a source of revenue but unfortunately always had a bad run when it comes to picking the right stock. So far I estimate I have lose some 400k on various stocks/gold investments, the only ones I've not lose much money on are some local stocks I bought (Reits & Etfs). I'll persevere and try to discipline myself into not taking riskier bets. Do you do any kind deep analysis on the companies you invest in?

I do have a knack at property investments thankfully, but I have yet to go thru any major downturn (i.e 97) so I admittedly have not gone the full cycle of the negatives of property investment. I do agree with what you said on the diversification being impossible, not to mention challenges on asset disposal, time lag to dispose etc. Currently I'm trying to sell a property and already the tenants is making things difficult. That said I do enjoy the process of fixing up places I bought and ensuring my tenants enjoy good standards of comfort. Also when it comes to spotting a good asset I find it a lot less challenging compared to finding a good stock.

I would imagine most successful businessman go thru rounds of unsuccessful ventures before hitting the right one I suppose a strong businessman always persevere otherwise he might not have hit the right business to get into. I heard stories from my friends family who took on a lot of risk to keep the company afloat and the made it big just due to luck & timing, its funny how life works out. One day one faces the possibility of bankruptcy or the next day was on track for listing.

Thanks again for the sound advise and the informative post really appreciate it. Would be great to know in more detail the unsuccessful ventures and successful ones you've had but that would be too much to ask especially on a anonymous forum

Keep in good health
To the post by 101,

Thank you for the well wishes. Uncle does't know about any magic formula but this quantitative guide; Business Nature, Management Style, Financials and Valuations. In this case, observe the guide to learn about fundamentals before making a decision.

Since you're into properties, why not continue progressing in a cautious manner. Perhaps, your strength lies at property investing. Sometimes, uncle attributed this ability to passion and experiences.

To your kins, it must be close misses and shaves. Traumatic and Exciting I should say.

Yes, I may reveal some non-sensitive information but only when I can recall interesting ones, anonymity provides a good way to share humble experiences. What are you interested to know?

Take care.
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