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Default Ex-Accenture analyst

one more point - Accenture SG office (in what i've seen) mostly does technology consulting projects - as in, systems implementations etc.. Though there is an Mgmt Conslt arm, its not very good. Most of their projects tend to be in the wider ASEAN region, which is fine.. but its never the juicy pieces of work that the tier-1, or tier-2 strategy firms do.

So, even if your an Mgmt consult aligned, and there's no projects in the pipeline -you end up doing technology work to keep your chargeability up. Otherwise, your bonus will be shittier than the usual **** and they'll probably sack you.. Happened to two analyst colleagues of mine.

Tbh, Accenture does pay better than the Big4. But exit opps for Big4 guys tend to be better than Accenture, in my experience. Unless you've been with Accenture long enough to specialise in something.
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