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Thanks, I am sure I will enjoy Singapore. I am in my late 30... I do plan to find a place near by my office and have a bus line go directly there. My office is not so near MRT; otherwise, I can live further and just travel by MRT. I might get a HUB instead since a two bedroom condo will cost about 3k and I am not sure I would want to pay that much. I know it is a pretty good salary and I think my saving will be similar to what I have been saving in the U.S since housing is much cheaper here despite the income tax is higher.
I think you mean a "HDB" flat. It's a buyer's market now so you may unearth a good deal for a condo rental. A number of white expats I know started off renting a HDB flat but most end up moving to condos in the end. It doesn't cost that much more and you are better off with 24/7 security, facilities, shuttle bus to the nearest MRT station etc... if you aren't comfortable then suggest you start with a short term HDB rental and take your time to look around.
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