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Smile How much can you save if I make 108K per year

Hey, just got a job offer in Singapore. I am pretty excited! I will be making about the same money (108,000SGD) as I am making in the U.S. My company do not provide medical, housing or retirement benefit. I am single; I don't smoke and drink very occasionally. I live modestly but I would not consider I am cheap cheap. I plan to spend no more than 2.5K (per month) for rent. I do like to travel, so I plan to spend 6K (per year) to travel nearby countries. I will take public transportation. So here is monthly budget:

2500 rent
250 transportation
250 medical expense/insurance
600 utility
700 food
500 travel
800 entertainment and others
80 life Insurance
228 student loan

Based on my estimate, my expense per month will be around 6k. Using the government website, my tax will be around 6k per year. So my estimate annual saving will be = 108K-12*6K-6k, which is 30K SDG. Does it seem right? Am I over or under estimating? Thanks in advance.

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