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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
accenture is not a consulting company like bain or mck

their "consulting" arm mainly involves IT projects only. thats all.

its not a consultancy, more like IT consultancy.

you cant earn 20k in accenture unless you are like 20yrs veteran.

whereas in real consulting, the starting pay is 10.5k
First, IT projects pay more than strategy projects (don't believe me, go ask around in the industry) That's why accenture MDs would rather chase after multi-million dollar IT projects than $300K strategy projects.

Second, there are people who become senior managers at Accenture before 30 years old, earning $15K. Hitting $20K won't take 20 years.

Third, Bain/BCG/McK starting pay is $6K. Your number is slightly higher than investment banking starting pay.

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