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I work in a different area in finance, but I have very close friends in IB.

I think that there is a lot of misconception about how to break in. The most important thing to do would be to secure the relevant internship at an investment bank during your penultimate year.

If you don't get that, you have no chance, sorry.

From there, you either get converted or you luck out. This explains why the interns work themselves to the bone.
Finally someone that speaks the truth. The next key thing would be connections. You need the following to just get a shot for internships:

1) Excellence grades (at least FCH, but high score GPA would be perfect) if you are from local uni (ivy league different measurement standards)
2) Connections to ensure that your resume gets read, and that you are able to secure an interview.

Getting that internship is just half a foot into the door. When you're doing internship, network network and more network. Excelling in your work is a GIVEN. Work performance no good, no chance. Unless of course someone loves you (hence the advice to network).

But bear in mind. The first 4 - 6 years will be hell. Working at least 12 hours a day, according to overseas working hours (meaning meetings at late nights), and constant jetting. You won't get to spend the money you earn, and your health will take a plummet. Confirmed. Cause if you don't make the cut after getting in, you will face the cut. Competition is stiff.
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