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Originally Posted by anba View Post
False information? What about getting relevant internships is false info? AT NUS, I've known people getting into FO S&T roles at CS, UBS, Barclays after only doing mid-office or even non finance internships. Granted some were scholars studying rigorous courses (engg, math) ('cream of the crop' type) etc..

While I have no idea about how capable the OP is.. I'm just laying out facts as I've seen them play out. For all I know, he's got 5/5 CGPA...

So.. yes, while IB internships would be great.. if your good, you still have a shot regardless.
Getting relevant internship is false hope, not false information. It's impossible to get relevant internship unless you are good enough to qualify in the first place. IB interns are paid full salaries and do real work, they're not your normal intern doing menial work like other internship. They're not going to let you in unless you're good enough. .
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