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care to share more? i believe you're looking for a job now? how long have u been with NCS?
NCS is my first job out of uni. I should be worry to accept their offer since it is rather easy to get. Leave NCS after slightly less than 2 years. Now working for a real company that do take care of their staff's development and well being. Wasted my time there? probably. At least I am now in a better place.

In short, working in NCS is like drinking kool-aid from your bosses who are promising heavens and earth in exchange for working 80 hours days a week doing something really meaningful and advanced.

Big bonus awaits. Promotion. Transfer to OPTUS/Singtel-HQ if you are doing good* yada yada yada

Lies and empty promises. No such thing. Especially after merger with Singtel. Anyone that said 'it is ok to have low salary since NCS has big bonus' are probably from recruitment company or HR.

It took me a while to find next job. Having NCS as your first job is really bad especially if you want to apply non-SI companies or proper consulting jobs. In term of IT hierarchy, NCS is taking jobs that no other company can or want to do - sh*t jobs with low margin and low value with no regards to quality.

And since NCS salary is quite low even for IT, good luck when interviewing HR asking for your current salary.

Ok better stop now

*come to think about it, if the boss is dangling carrot called 'transferring to other companies' as reward for you working hard in your current one, something is really awfully wrong.
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