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I find it really funny how SIM students always proclaim themselves to be "street smart". What a pathetic way to 自我安慰. Loojk, you ended up in a shitty uni because you were too stupid or lazy(and maybe both), NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE "STREET SMART". With adequate experience working in the society, any tom dick harry with average IQ or EQ would probably get the hang of it and become what they declare as "street smart". But no matter how hard you work etc, the SIM grad will never eradicate the fact that they were from SIM, the ppl who failed to make it into any of the local uni. Heck, its not even that hard to qualify for a course there. Straight Cs would have qualified you for a few courses. I barely studied and probably played harder than every single kid in my school and neighbourhood but I still managed to get almost straight A's for A level. Even the Not so smart classmates I had who took millenials to understand concepts managed to get into the dumping ground courses in ntu. Face it, fact is that the ppl I know who ended up in SIM were either lazy as **** or plain stupid. If you know that you're not as intelligent as the average population then you should probably put in more effort to build your life instead of preaching on how sim is equivalent to the other local uni.

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