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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
lmao working in a banking branch in Bishan street 35 doesnt make you a front office sales 'banker'. Wake up your bladdy idea SIM kid. You are and always will be, a insurance salesman.

Any Tom Dick and Harry can get into such a role. Heck, your poly dropout can be one of those 'bankers' that ll replace you when you cant hit your sales target and your branch manager starts shouting down your throat.

FO sales role = institutional sales/ traders.
just to answer you.
What Is The Front Office (FO)? | Wall Street Oasis...

i extracted the lines for you.

The front office is the client-facing part of the firm and includes the roles which focus on working with and for clients, rather than in support, risk, compliance and operations roles.

Usually, front office roles are income generating

Front office roles can be thought of as the intermediary roles, both between clients and between outside and inside roles

Buddy, I don't give a **** whether I call myself a banker or not. I never once said that,
if it pleases you.
you can just filter the words "front office" to "client facing position"
and yes, i already knew i am selling insurance.

lmao, who gives a **** about titles?
I dont care what you call me

you failed to answer the questions that i posted anyway

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