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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Back when I earned 4k per month (before CPF), I had some nice meals at restaurants over the weekend, covered myself with sufficient insurance, took a yearly holiday to a decent Asian country flying SIA (economy of course), and still had enough for savings and investment every month.

Over the years and after changing a few jobs, my pay has risen decently. Someone suggested $8 for lunch and dinner EACH? My lunch costs only $4, which gets me a decent plate of chicken rice with egg, or some fishball noodles, wanton mee, sometimes nasi lemak with chicken wing and sunny side up egg. For $9-10 I've settled lunch and dinner (something slightly better for dinner after a long day at work). And seriously, some of these food taste way better and are more filling than some $20 main course at a restaurant. All in all food costs $150 per week, inclusive of some good restaurant food over the weekend.

$400 for taxis? I don't even think I spend $400 in a year on taxis, let alone a month. I spend $200 on public transport per month, that's for a bus ride to the MRT, then a MRT ride into town, and vice versa to get home. No free rebates.

Over the weekend I just booked my new car, which fits comfortably into my monthly budget. But I guess for you, you will need to earn 10k or 20k per month first.
how long ago was this? what is your weight? an adult male about 70kg needs 2500-3k calories a day just to maintain his weight.

lunch and dinner like yours will not maintain 2500 calories and may be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.

oh yes, i also take basic supplements such as fish oil, vitamins and try to eat some fruits and vegetables daily (another 3-5 sgd) daily.

we haven't considered the costs of those.

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