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I do agree with you that we are our own best asset. That is why I have decided to invest full time three years ago rather than working in a job I don't like and not good at. I have been investing for the past 30 years and am good at it. I decided to devote my time to investing full time and seeing the fruits of my decision. My current passive income covers more than my expenses and my capital gains have grown significantly since I invested full time. With more time devoted in doing my research, my stock picks got better.

Now at the age of 58 and with no dependents, I can afford to have more time to pursue other interests besides investing full time. My wife enjoys my company at home. We are now closer as a couple. We love exercising in the parks together every morning before I start my work at home at 9am when the market opens. We don't drive as our penthouse condo in next to an MRT station.

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I see that this forum is being hijacked by Gossip sg presumably because our traffic is among the highest ? Anyway lets not pay any heed to that.

How much money is enough, happiness, saving adequately etc are all very subjective topics. It is very individual dependent.

My wife and I are happy and contented with our present lifestyle and dont see a need to spend more just for the sake of spending our money. For eg, we are very pleased and happy with our two jap cars which are fairly new, reliable and comfortable. We dont think we will derive a higher level of happiness with conti cars. Driving conti cars is just so-not-us.

We are happy with our condo because of the facilities which we use often. Although we could easily afford landed, again we dont think it will make us happier. At our age, climbing up and down stairs is a no-no. So multi-storeys landed are definitely out for us. Condo with full facilities are best.

Different people have different hobbies. For us, or at least for me, my "hobby" is in making my passive income grow. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see our networth and passive income growing month by month, year by year. I devote my weekends reviewing the investment opportunities. You may not believe this, the money in itself is actually secondary. It is the process, and seeing my investment decisions turning out well that is giving me the satisfaction.

We are definitely happier when dressed comfortably in tees an shorts when we go out. No fancy branded stuff for us.

Only thing we do differently now as compared to when we were younger is when we go for holidays. At our age now, we need and want to travel in comfort. No more backpacking, no more cheap hostel or 2 star hotels.

So yes, we are happy with our current lifestyle. We dont see a need to spend for the sake of spending. I am not a miser, but I do derive more happiness seeing our wealth and passive income grow than in spending money mindlessly. One should do what makes one happy.

Finally I want to conclude that although our passive income is sufficient to cover our annual expenses, it is never going to cover our earned incomes. That is why I dont advocate quitting your job. I am a firm believer that you are your best asset. Once you quit, you are not making use of your best asset to generate income!

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